Educational tours

for groups of adults and students from elementary to high schools.

One of the goals of the “Restaurando Firenze” project is to transform the working site, usually a disturbing element for the citizens, into an opportunity for further study.
Therefore, we offer for limited groups of adults and schools, the possibility of in-depth tours of the work done to the sculptural groups. During the itineraries, done outside the constructiong site, we will explain the statues, their status of conservation and damage at the begging of the restauration e the interventions that will be done. Thanks to the structure that surrounds the sculptures and its minimal configuration, it will be possible to see the statues and the restores at work.
The fence of the working site itself, done with an educational panelling, gives access to the essential information for a complete fruition of the statues under restoration: from their history and meaning to the description of the intervention in place.

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